Authentication and traceability of photographic artworks

  ARTtrust is a self-certifi cation system. Artists protect their works and their authors’ rights and guarantee to buyers the authenticity of purchased work. Galerie VU’ will incorporate the solution on all artwork sold. Each artwork will integrate a set of Bubble Tags which are forgery-proof, irremovable and non reproducible.

This «constellation of bubbles» provides to the artwork a unique identity. Each Bubble Tag™ has a specific role : silver for the artwork, gold for the certifi cate of authenticity, and blue for the artist’s file. This is the unique solution to offer the artist and their gallery the selfcertifi cation and where the buyer can verify the authenticity of the artwork.

The website allows artists to access to their personal account for registering their artwork, and allows collectors to verify on line the authenticity of the artwork.

Prooftag is the inventor of the BubbleTag™ technology adopted by various industries and administrations when there is need for a proof of authenticity or when the risk of forgery or counterfeit is signifi cant: High- alue wines (Château Canon la Gaffelière), watches (Parmigiani), beauty products (Dr Sebagh Cosmetics), Gaming (Française des Jeux), French National Space Agency (CNES), governmental institutions.