Lorenzo Castore
Present Tense
2015-01-30 to 2015-03-07

This set is distinctively unique in the photographer’s body of work. Lorenzo Castore expresses through Present Tense his sentimental education.

Present Tense brings together photographs gleaned over the years, in his travels and daily life. Troubling but furtive, Lorenzo Castore’s work recall more than what they describe. And, if at first, they compose a patchwork of feelings – beyond the spread of time and the bursting of the subjects – they condense all in one emotional intensity, which becomes more than convulsive.

Indeed, throughout this corpus, Lorenzo Castore transcends any objective apprehension of reality – his photographs overcome it way more than they adhere to it – and the world as a sensitive perception of the photographer that quivers and overflows with pictures.

Then, the thread, that seemed to fail, reaches out. In those fragmented and fragmentary visions emerge encounters, absences, embraces, overwhelming loneliness, flesh and heavy gazes of desire, the significance of loss, landscapes or hallucinated beasts. The photographer’s signature oscillates between sensuality and onirisms, harshness and delicacy, violence and serenity. The attachment is there within the thread: in the coincidence of the dislocation of the world and the junction like a telescoping of its opposites and paradoxes. The emotional charge resides in this tension and the permeability of the photographer in the world that brings his photographs permeable to those that look at them.

Present Tense immerses us into the strangeness, in the constant motion, the instinctual flux and reflux, and in the intense perceivable world of the photographer.