Workshop with Denis Darzacq
October 18th, 19th and 20th, 2013

Since over thirty years Photography has shown the ability to deploy a broad spectrum of possibilities : as an isolated image to a series, in its capacity to work alongside different art practices (drawing, video, sound…) and in its variety of forms (exhibitions, art books combining text and images, projections). As many depictions that will have an impact on the status and the meaning the images will take on once seen by the viewer.

Also, for us photographers, thinking about the way our work is put together will help better apprehend the meaning behind each image we will create. We must learn how to conduct our shooting sessions, how to best edit our selections and how to make the most of the post-production, with precise objectives and rules.

In this workshop, Denis Darzacq will nourish the debate with references to contemporary artists and the way in which they use the photographic tool. Then, we will discuss as a group, the questions each one of us faces when having to overcome the formal deadlock and find personal answers. Finally, we will think about the shaping of the different projects undergone.

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