Workshop with Jean-Christian Bourcart
November 15th, 16th and 17th, 2013

A workshop with Jean-Christian Bourcart is a journey through which we move forward together towards the unknown, we reveal ourselves in an audacious and daring manner, creating spaces of freedom within the fields of the arts, psychology, metaphysics and humor. br>br> The aim is double : on one hand it is about pushing the border of what we allow ourself to do, or what we think we are capable of doing. And on the other hand it is about deepening our understanding of the creative gesture, of the constant yet necessary coming and going between instinct and analyzing, between desire and need. br>br> And in order to reach these aims, Jean-Christian Bourcat has developed over the years through his practice and teaching of photography, conceptual tools and analytical methods, which he will pass on for the participant to sharpen his ability to understand art and to develop an original photographic style. br>br> The magic of group-work allows for a total immersion, where a careful listening and critics will encourage the questioning on levels which are fundamental, intimate yet with no taboo nor judgment and no limits, beside the ones of desire and mutual respect. With the conviction that the creative process is one of alchemy that turns something raw and vulgar into something beautiful, rare and precious.

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