Jean-Christian Bourcart
Kailash. Photographs and videos
2011-03-25 to 2011-05-07

«Kailash, which means crystal in Sanskrit, is a sacred mountain of Himalaya. There is no recorded attempt of climbing it. One can only circumnavigate it, catching sight of one facet at a time, perfect metaphor of what we call the real. »

Jean-Christian Bourcart

For his first exhibition at Galerie VU’, Jean-Christian Bourcart is pursuing his questioning of the meaning of the pictures of the word take contingent on the facets that he is perceiving of it and the shapes that he assigns them.

With the serie Black Sheet, 2010-2011, Jean Christian Bourcart faces the camera. He records his reflection (and those of his nearest and dearest) on a black sheet. The surface is shining, its texture transforms and torns the reality that it reflects. A strange world is coming alive, as a distorting mirror in a fun house.
To him, « this black sheet is similar to our mind, reflecting what is happening around, but all this activity doesn’t interfere with its empty primary property. Pictures are like thoughts : they seem solid, important but they have no materiality. They are just passing by ».

In the serie I Shot the Crowd, 2009-2010, Jean Christian Bourcart travels all over the world, on the lookout for crowded places, and records the flood of people flowing in front of him. His only presence turns an average moment in which everybody is equal, in a scene in which anonymous passers-by reveal their singular being. From one country to another, the morphological differencies, the way of dressing and reactions to the presence of the photographer, suggest a comment on the Otherness in a time of Globalization.

Within the framework of his book’s publication, Camden, a part of the exhibition will be dedicated to Jean-Christian Bourcart’s wandering in that city of New Jersey. A wild testimony of an universe in which everything seems different, except that feeling of belonging to a mankind sharing a destiny.

In his video Fortune Teller, 2011, Jean-Christian Bourcart meets fortune tellers using an hidden camera. They tell him what he is and what he will be.

Bardo, 2003, is a video interrogating the recollection of memories at the moment of our death. A multitude of steady images, often mixed up, flashing past, as memories rushed before being dissolved into absolute whiteness.

Two new experiences flirting with the use of selfportrait through which the artist is examining our presence/absence in the world.