Caravan, 2002-2005

Sometimes, the most unexpected places seem to encompass the whole of human experience. Caravan visits one such place. Tree lined and isolated, the caravan park of Flatenbadet consists of rows of static caravans that the long term residents call home. They are also the main protagonists of this photographic story. Rikard Laving, who lived on site for several years, distils the pure soul of Flatenbadet out of its characters and details: a bloody needle on a sofa, a bloodied man bruised at a fight, the sun filtering through the leaves of the trees, a naked man holding a gun. Caravan, which moves effortlessly from style to style, from landscape to portrait, and from colour to black and white, captures the poetic and the mundane life of this community, drawing heavily on Laving's personal experience.

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