rendons le possible, 2012

« One should consider the act of giving – and – receiving as a natural exchange. Something that simply happens » Jean de La Bruyère

What is a helping hand ? How should I respond to it ? Can I still give without expecting something back ? Does desire necessarily generates the need to possess ? Does one has to seek protection from the others ? In the future, will we still be able to speak out without having to go through any social network ?
Hasn’t this “natural exchange” La Bruyère was talking about, totally vanished ?
Will we still be able to keep our secrets ?

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Seul l'air, 2004-2008

Seul l’air, (Only air), title inspired by the famous poem by Pablo Neruda, is an intimate travel through Africa, namely in Somalia, Congo, and Cuba, Brazil and Madagascar. We discover, as revisited, some of the wounds caused by non-development and indifference.
"What can a people do when they eat, love and wash themselves in their own garbage." She wrote about Freetown where she accompanies Action Against Hunger's missions; and also, through the mastery of light and color, fugitive moments, suggested portraits, that turn up the conventional representation of faces met and places visited.
"By accepting the subjectivity of the gaze, we avoid the promethean pretension of reconstituting the reel", noted the writer Simon Njami in his introduction to the book Seul l'air (Actes Sud). No metaphor, nor abstraction, Laurence Leblanc's Africa is an absolute and completed attempt of visually translate a perception that is fugitive yet persistent.

Benoît Ribero

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Nonnes, 2003-2004

During her many travels to Cambodia, Laurence Leblanc meets the nuns, silent and docile, performing at the boundaries of visible in a society that precisely does not seem to want to notice them. Black turns into a deep and dense ink, penetrated by a white, blinding light, that outlines figures, lighting their strange, full of a deep spirituality faces, and that seems far from us…

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Rithy, Chéa, Kim Sour et les autres, 2000-2001

"Laurence Leblanc began her work on the conditions of childhood in Cambodia by asking a difficult question : how do all these children live with the terrible memories and daily traces of so many massacres ? She decided to confront the gestures of childhood to use photography to understand and reconstruct the reality of this country where the incomprehension of the past, nightmares and evidence of great horrors are omnipresent.
Laurence Leblanc does not testify, she interprets. The gestures she portrays are sometimes joyful and the children's games in the pictures are full of tension and suffering. Her account creates a painful yet dreamlike world inhabitated by tiny, innocent phantoms which seem to want to emerge and break free from a nightmare."

Giovanna Calvenzi
Artistic advisor 2003 for the Fondation CCF pour la Photographie

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