Aux bords du monde,

«This man from Brittany who is "neither sailor nor farmer" invented a territory," on the edges of the world," between the coast and inland territories, that he photographs with a professional camera and Polaroid films. Landscapes revealed by dull lights, sometimes marked by the accidents of the very fragile support but in the extremely subtle grain and which seem settled in a very particular, unresolved, immortalized time. The presence of the human constructions in these visions of nature seems eternal and unchanged for centuries.»

Christian Caujolle, Agence VU’ Galerie, Photo Poche n°107, Actes Sud, 2006

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Sponte Sua,

«For his nude portraits (Sponte Sua), he settles a disturbing tension between the vagueness that allows him to impose a very visible grain and a very strong presence of the characters whose glances seem to appear from a charcoal drawing.»

Christian Caujolle, id.

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Memories of liquid days,

«Serge Picard seizes the moment, the unique moment when photos are made. A fragile balance is freed. Fragility of the grey in front of whites, in a light at twilight, in perpetual movement. Fragility of a vagueness veiling the subject to deliver only the main part, the trace. The trace of a face, of a passer-by in the city, of an urban moment. Delicate balance, contained in a tension where every element of the image appears to disappear. Images suspended in the course of time.»

Cédric Kerviche

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