Exvots, 1955-2002

«Terré always had a tendency to collect signs of strong symbolic nature, not gaudy at all in their form, but yet complex in terms of content. Ex-votos are objects whose essence has more to do with Terré’s photography. […] They suffer a reversible movement and metamorphose again into the human being. It is like this object/ex-voto, dard thrown to the gods to dilute the fear (of the illness, poverty, disgrace, destiny), could turn into a mirror in the photograph, nearly a caricature, of the implorers who created it : a concentrate of sorrow, pain and happiness. (These set of candles are the soul and at the same time the guts of those who offered them.)»

Laura Terré, Exvots, Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat, 2004

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Imatges abandonadas, 1999

«Those black and white charachters are anything but static. After being paralysed by the shot of the camera, there remains a gesture frozen into each of their poses, an expression that goes beyond conventionnal iconography, beyond the artificiality of the sculptor that created them. Terré, as in all his work, does not confront the series as an inventory, as a thematic collection of found objects. He portrays the images in the same way as the photographer confronts a human being, searching beyond the particular being, or precisely through the particular being as in a crucible, for that universal value that condenses the mystery of human existence.»

Laura Terré,Imatges abandonades, Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat, 2002

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Mort poètica de les coses petites, 1999

In this series Ricard Terré « shows us the death from more inside, from his own loneliness. It is the lonely photographer who talks with the little things that have died as if he would talk to himself and also to the time that he belongs to. He asks them and they go on answering everything they have done, the people they were belonging to, the society that refused them…»

Laura Terré, Mort poètica de les coses petites, Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat, 2000

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