Pauline et Pierre, 1979-2001

«He gathered under the title Pauline and Pierre, the first names of his two children, one of the most surprising, most right accurate and moving family albums. […] None of this agreed conventional prettiness which that haunt the childish imaging, simply a justan accurate, loving tone, attentive to a childhood which that makes the learning oflearning about the world and is divided between whim and nightmare, exuberance, games, disguises and deep despairs, which quickly become blurred.»

Christian Caujolle, Agence VU’ Galerie, Photo Poche n°107, Actes Sud, 2006

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Paysans, 1988-1998

«Wurstemberger realizes creates strange, enigmatic and ambiguous images. Images where from emanates a certain aura which that makes that a cow, when it looks at him, is not any moreno longer only a cow.»

Michel Guerrin, Au-delà de l’évidence, Paysans, La Sarine, 1996

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